Ossia Academy - The Circle of Fifths

"Unravel the Secrets of music and the Circle of Fifths"

What will you learn?

  • Where do I start with music theory?

  • What does it mean to 'play in key'?

  • What is the difference between major and minor?

  • What chords goes well together?

  • How can I write my own songs?

  • What is the fastest way to learn the circle of fifths?

  • How to transpose chords easily?

  • How do you practice the circle of fifths?

A complete FREE course for every - starting - musician

Chapter 1 - "The theoretical part" - the basis for the real thing

In the first chapter, we review various concepts of music theory. You will learn the underlying theory of the circle of fifths. This provides you with a solid basis to start the second chapter.

Chapter 2 - "The practical part" - getting started with the Circle of Fifths

Time for practice! In this chapter, you will immediately start working with the circle of Fifths. Even without any theoretical knowledge, this is possible. We start with the essence of the circle of fifths and learn how to use it to form 'musical families'. This makes you realise why the circle of fifths is the ultimate tool for any musician.

Chapter 3 - "Tips & tricks"

In this final part, you will discover what the main patterns are within modern music. You will also learn how to apply the circle of fifths to different musical genres to give free rein to your creativity. Before you know it, you will be writing your songs!


Why do you need this?

  • First of all: It's completely FREE!

  • Master major and minor and understand music from the start!

  • Be comfortable: Playing covers is not the best part of playing an instrument. It's about having the freedom to play in key anywhere, anytime!

  • Understand the relations between major and minor chords and create songs in any key!

  • No previous knowledge acquired!

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